Sunny ChiehCheng RN, PhD

Assistant Professor, Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Program, School of Nursing, University of Washington Tacoma

Sunny Chieh Cheng, RN, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor of the Nursing and Healthcare Leadership program at the University of Washington Tacoma. Sunny‚Äôs clinical background is in psychiatric and mental health nursing. Her program of research is in the development and evaluation of field-based studies, including assessments, interventions and prevention of mental health conditions. She collaborates with interdisciplinary teams to conduct mixed methods study to describe the experience of caregivers of individuals with early stage psychosis.

Partnering with the BRiTE center inspires her interests in applying machine learning and Natural Language Processing for early identification of individuals at risk for schizophrenia and designing and testing of technology enhanced self management interventions for caregivers and individuals with mental illness.