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Behavioral Research in Technology and Engineering (BRiTE) Center

Dedicated to improving behavioral health through technology

About the BRiTE Center

Mental illness affects all people regardless of age, race, location, or nationality and is an incredible burden to individuals, families, employers, and society. In the face of this burden, cutting-edge technologies are enabling us to re-invent how we treat mental illness.


Housed at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine, the BRiTE Center brings together a diverse group of researchers, clinicians, technologists, patients and mental health advocates with a common goal of improving the lives of those suffering with mental illness, their families, and communities. Harnessing  the Pacific Northwest’s innovative spirit, we work with industry, healthcare systems large and small, and individuals invested in developing creative technologies to improve population mental health, in our lifetime.  

Programs of Research


mHealth for Mental Health

Recent Publications

Developing the West African Digital Mental Health Alliance (WADMA)

Digital Mental Health Approaches to Improve Well-Being of Refugee Families

Automated Detection of Cognitive Distortions in Text Exchanges Between Clinicians and People With Serious Mental Illness

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